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Girnghuber GmbH, better known as GIMA, continues a long tradition in the production of clay materials. With its quality products, it is not only an important supplier for the region but also impresses its customers internationally with customised solutions and innovative approaches.

The Marklkofen site currently employs approx. 300 people. The overall company premises is divided into individual, self-enclosed production sites. 


The Marklkofen brickworks has produced bricks and tiles for walls, floors and roofs for more than 110 years. It has been owned by the Girnghuber family since 1903.

Marklkofen is in the Vilstal region of Lower Bavaria, Germany. Ever since the Roman era, Lower Bavaria has been a favourite location for brickworks thanks to its outstanding clay and loess loam deposits. Water and wood, the two other raw materials formerly required to produce brick, were also in great supply in Vilstal and the nearby hill country.

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Environmental philosophy

Maintaining an environment worth living in for ourselves and future generations means ensuring that the effects of our product production and usage on the Earth’s ecosystem do not cause any irreversible damage to the natural balance of this networked system of people, animals, plants, soil, water, air and climate.

The positive properties of the valuable construction material, the high residential value and the cost-effectiveness are supplemented by ecological value creation. In view of the increasing importance of environmental influences such as the mining of raw materials, energy consumption, air pollution, the greenhouse effect and soil acidification, this is now more important than ever.

Environmental philosophy


Girnghuber GmbH
Ludwig-Girnghuber-Straße 1
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