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Photo: Stefan Müller-Naumann

Ready-made brick facade elements / Dove tail

Ready-made brick facade masonry elements are factory-built reinforced concrete elements, the faces of which are clad with special shaped bricks. These construction elements are combined with surface masonry laid on site.

Mainly, ready-made brick facade masonry elements have been successfully used for years

  • Window and door lintels
  • Window sills
  • Eaves and girdles
  • Attic closures
  • Wall coverings
  • Stairways
  • Support wall elements

The arguments for the use of ready-made brick facade masonry elements are

  • The greatest possible accuracy and high quality
  • The possibility of prefabrication reduces due dates
  • Easy assembly speeds the construction process
  • The high rationalisation effect saves costs
  • Details can be chosen, which can never be realised with conventional walls

The specially shaped bricks required for the production of the ready-made brick facade masonry elements are usually manufactured together with the pre-masonry bricks and clinkers of the masonry to be erected on site. This ensures an identical colour balance. The shaped bricks specially made for this purpose have dove tail recesses at the joint between brick attachment and concrete, in order to ensure a real optimum mechanical bond to the reinforced concrete core.

Make sure that the brick attachment is not cut with the stone saw from any standard format. The dove tail back important for the interlocking of the concrete with the bricks is missing, and the cutting sludge acts as a separating agent. We have the technical prerequisites to produce even large-format special bricks, for example, we make the so-called corner facing brick with leg lengths from 240 to 300 mm in one piece. This allows for ready-made facade masonry elements – lintel soldier course – bottom views >115 mm without the ugly flat joints.

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