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Photo: Ivan Nemec

Facades / Terracotta facades

For centuries, terracotta facades have been an important design feature for high-end facades of prestigious buildings. What makes the GIMA terracotta facade special is that the terracotta bricks come with a stone face area of up to 60 x 60 cm. All stones are cut using the latest stone-cutting technology and calibrated with millimetre precision. This makes the GIMA terracotta facade a particularly high-quality example of stone-walled clinker facing.

All colours

Based on the traditional colours of brick and clinker, the range spans from:

  • Off-white through ivory and beige to various shades of yellow
  • Bright red through all shades of red typical for bricks to shades of brown
  • A broad range of grey shades to almost black stones
Custom colours are possible within the realms of technical feasibility. The colours of all our bricks and terracotta stones are ceramically created. They all have the same shade, created by mixing shades and the use of firing technology.

Facade configurator

The quick route to your dream facade. Just a few clicks is all it takes to configure your facade and download textures especially for your building project. Alternatively, request a sample board based on your configuration. This service is solely for architects and planners. Facade configurator


Terracotta facades comes in various formats. Contact us with your special requirements and custom designs. Both for bricks and joints. Anything is possible.
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